io sano® mixes for instant homogenised products

This line of products is mainly used in the RistoSano® service. The accurate selection of raw materials, the dosage and combination of ingredients done according to traditional recipes, the absence of glutamate or artificial flavours, the absence of hydrogenated fats, the use of totally natural raw materials: these are all elements that contribute to the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the finished product.

The phases of processing and distribution, which take place through specialised equipment supplied by us, ensure a constant dosage and optimal results in terms of the organoleptic, nutritional and rheological characteristics of finished products, therefore providing the ideal solution to problems of swallowing and difficulties in eating.

The range of products is wide and includes  different lines:

  • Soups, purees and vegetable veloutés
  • Homogenised meat
  • Blended pasta
  • Blended pizza
  • Cereal creams
  • Blended one-course meals
  • Protein enriched foods
  • Protein enriched sweets
  • Vegetable purees
  • Fruit mousses
  • Desserts

Each product line offers a wide range of products, thanks to which it is possible to develop varied and diversified menus. Our products integrate traditional cuisine so as to enrich the catering service and provide tailored solutions to diverse health, nutritional and organisational needs.

In the list of products you will find the description, the packaging and the final yield given in terms of portions and weight.

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