io sano®

The services io sano® are a means of responding to feeding and nutritional disorders and to improve nutritional intake of guests in care in health and socio-medical centers.
We believe that Feeding with care is a pre-requisite for good health, speed recovery and prevention: our mission is to contribute to this objective, by combining food quality with technological innovation.
All services are carried out through both the installation of specific equipment given on loan free of charge and the provision of the dehydrated products.

Key features of the services offered by io sano® are:
  • innovative equipment and processes
  • attention to specific dietary and therapeutic requirements
  • quality of food preparations
  • wide range of products
  • stability of organoleptic and nutritional properties
  • careful analysis of specific requirements
  • customized service


All products io sano®

See all products RistoSano® and BevoSano®. Homogeneous meat, vegetables purées, cereal creams, fruit mousses,  mashed vegetables. Hot beverages, thickened beverages, water micro-filtered, herbal teas, fruit juices.

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Are you interested in distributing products and services io sano®?

General Beverage offers a wide variety of products designed specifically for hospitals and retirement homes.


Io Sano is a ‘GOLD’ IDDSI Sponsor

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